Engineering & digital transformation

People, processes and technology inspire me. To find the harmony between these three themes isn't easy, but for me it's always an exciting challenge in the age of digitization.

I own a Master's degree in Engineering from the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences (Project Management - Construction and Real Estate) and an Executive MBA - Digital Transformation from the University of Applied Sciences Chur (Switzerland). Currently, I am working at the digital consultancy Hello Phoenix as Head of Agile, Culture & New Work in Stuttgart.

In my spare time, I'm a part-time lecturer at the DHBW Stuttgart at the Center for Digital Transformation. From August 2017 to February 2018 I mentored a jobling (teenager between 15-25 years) for 6 months and accompanied him on his way through the program. Since September 2017 I'm an author at MoreThanDigital.info. The platform provides information on the topics of Digital Business & Digital Transformation for SMEs free of charge. Since November 2018 I have been the regional chairman of FIBREE - Foundation for International Blockchain and Real Estate Expertise in Stuttgart, organising Meetups and Talks.


"People are more important than processes and tools" - The center of projects should be motivated people who receive the necessary support from the company for their work.


Teams should change their assembly lineality to a creative environment with a joy of problem solving and choose a pace that they can sustain in long term. Employees have to talk to each other in person and make suggestions to improve their work environment.


harvardbusinessmanager.de 11 October 2016


"Think outside the box!" - the former Disney manager and consultant Mike Vance claimed this call since 1969. To solve problems outside of my box, I trust other people because they do not have the same experience in their box as I do. Other people have experienced other, have other solution-relevant information.


Let others be different and use the differences, collect existing ideas, sort and ultimately realize the best solution - before all die in their cognitive prisons the creative death.


harvardbusinessmanager.de 06 July 2011


The guiding principle "Never change a running system" is one of the most frequently misunderstood (IT) recommendations at all. No longer up-to-date business processes cause enormous hidden costs, are prone to errors, data loss, problems with failures and difficult to control.


The process of digitizing your processes can be fun even if all employees are properly integrated, instead of just giving top-down. Making your processes visible is one of my strengths.


"Much of what is good is difficult before it is easy."


Working with you to find the right technology for finding the best and easiest solution to your problems is what inspires me, whether it is software or hardware.