The 20 most influential German Twitter authors for digital transformation

Digital Business INsights

Currently, the digital transformation is one of the big challenges facing companies, so this topic is often discussed Twitter and other social media portals.


For this reason, Ela Vogl of Brandwatch GmbH has carried out an analysis to find the 20 most influential German Twitter authors around the topic of digital transformation. Tweets of the last four weeks of the top 150 Twitter accounts for digital transformation were examined. The ranking of the top 10 women and men was based on the Influence Score.


Surprisingly, and just a year on Twitter, I have even made it to 8th place with my account FaSuess. On rank 3 of the men is Jonathan Habicht and on rank 1 Ibrahim Evsan.


In the women's rankings are 4 Stefanie Peitzker, 3 Stefanie Kowallick and 1 Anita Bunk each occupied by a female associate of Bosch, which is particularly worth mentioning.


I would like to thank all my followers who have made this possible and I'm looking forward to another exciting Twitter year dedicated to the digital transformation.

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